Monterey, California

Hello everyone!

2016 is coming to an end, and what better way to celebrate, by going on an adventure to Monterey, CA. I invited friends and we packed up my car Wednesday morning and began a mini road trip.
Traffic was amazing on the way down, we didn’t make any stops and made it to our destination in less than three hours. Check in to the hotel was not till four pm, so we decided to go to the Monterey aquarium. Parking was amazing. We were right on Cannery Row and few minutes from the aquarium. The first thing we did was to take pictures of the gorgeous views.

The aquarium was busy as we expected it would be. I bought the tickets online, so our wait was a few seconds and we were in. I enjoyed looking at all the ocean animals and suggest everyone check it out. Once we were done at the aquarium, it was time for lunch. We ate a restaurant called Cannery Row Brewing company. After lunch, we walked around and visited candy stores and Ghirardelli Chocolate company.
Now came time to check into our hotel. I book us at the Embassy Suites on Monterey Bay. When we arrived at check-in, I was told that our room was not ready because they had upgraded the room and placed us on their premium floor.

While we waited to check in we decide to go and explore the area around the hotel. We found a Starbucks all grabbed drinks and headed to the beach. We made the beach right at sunset which was amazing.

Now came time to check out our room. I booked a suit and it lived up to what I booked. The room was spacious and we even received unlimited snacks and drinks. In now came time to have dinner. We took lyft to a local street filled with restaurants. We ended up at a local pub and had an amazing dinner. While we there, we found out that they also have karaoke. It was fun listening to everyone sing. As the night winded down we headed back to the hotel.

We ended our amazing day by relaxing in the jacuzzi and taking some time in the spa.

We all went to sleep late the night before, so we spent some time relaxing in the morning before check out. We all had an amazing breakfast at the hotel and watched whatever was on TV. We checked out of the hotel around 11:30 am and headed to a mission in Carmel. When we arrived we found out that there was an entrance fee into the mission so we took some pictures. We spent time driving around the small town and headed to the beach.
On the way back home we stopped in Gilroy and had an amazing lunch and made it safely home.

The trip overall was amazing. I’m glad I ended my 2016 surrounded by friends. Seattle see you in February! 🙂

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