Resolution #1:​ Planners

Happy Sunday! A few days ago I wrote a blog centered around my New Year Resolutions. They say it takes thirty days to form a new habit but at the end of the day, what matters is the amount of work you put into it.

One of my resolutions for this year was to use a planner. I consider myself to be an organized person and I have a pretty good memory. Having a planner where I can write down appointments, ideas and or just keep track of my weekly activities, does come in handy. I also look at my planner as a journal of my life. I can look back over the months and see what I have been doing.

I’ve used many planners, but this past Christmas my best friend purchased two awesome planners and gave me one of them as a gift. The planner I chose was the smaller version of the two. I purchased an Erin Condren planner a while back and loved it, but this planner is equally as nice.

Let’s dive into the planner!


1. Size! 

Having a planner that I can take in my backpack for work and school was most important to me. This planner is perfect for the job. It’s not too big or bulky and can even fit in my purse. The cover is interchangeable and easy to take off and on.

2. Inside The Planner!

 When you open the planner, the first page you see says “This Life Belongs To…” this is where you are able to personalize your journal and/or write a quote you would like to live by for the new year. Next are two pages that have 2017 and 2018 calendars laid out. There is a page dedicated to contacts and important dates that you may have coming this year like a wedding, party and more.

3. Layout!

Now comes time for the planner layout itself. Each month is separated by a page that has a tab with the month on the side of the page and a quote or design. The month of January quote is “The Best Time for new Beginnings is now”. There are two layouts that come with the planners. One of which is horizontal and the other vertical. I myself chose the horizontal layout. I have tried the vertical layouts in the past and found I didn’t have much space to write out my activities.

Each month comes with a calendar spread. The boxes are large enough to write a quick reminder, but not much more. After the calendar comes the layout itself. With the horizontal layout, there are lines provided where I have more space to write down information and go into more detail if need be. There are also small boxes on the side where you can write down quotes or anything you find useful to fill the boxes. There is also a dedicated page for notes at the end of each month.

In the back of the planner, after the month of December, there is notepaper, graph paper and blank pieces of paper to write on. Then comes the stickers. Each planner comes with four pages of stickers to use throughout the planner. After the sticker pages, you will find a two-sided folder which comes in handy for recipes, papers and more.

4. Price!

The price for the planner runs about $30 dollars and can be found at Michaels. You can sign up as member absolutely free and receive emails for sales throughout the store. Currently, the planners are on sale for $14.99 which also includes accessories such as stickers, covers, and more. You don’t have to be a member to receive the discounted price.


Overall, I am happy with my planner and find that I am using it daily which is helping me stay organized and less stressed. 🙂

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