Makeup Organizer

Happy Thursday! Organization is very important to me. It brings calm and positivity to my life. I organize as many items as I can. For example my papers, books, and even the folders on my computer are all named and setup just right. There is one area that I have struggled to organize. That particular area would be my makeup. I’ve tried many places and ideas but I haven’t felt solid about the end result. 

This past weekend, I spent time on Amazon looking for makeup organizers. I ended up finding a few I thought would help. The only problem is, I couldn’t see them in person before purchasing. I checked Target and Ulta before I ended up looking at Bed Bath and Beyond. I went to the store and ended up buying a three drawer set with an attachment for lipsticks and brushes on top. 

The item sold for $20 dollars which wasn’t too bad. Before I opened the drawer set, I went through a purge of all my makeup. When I got rid of what I didn’t need, it came time to organize my makeup. The drawer set is sturdy and well put together. It’s a good size and fits in the corner of my vanity without taking up too much room. 

As I stated above, there are three drawers which hold my eyeshadow palettes, blushes, mascaras and more. On the top attachment, there is a flat surface with twelve slots for lipsticks. Behind the slots are two smaller spaces which can fit brushes or more. 

I was able to fit all of my current makeup in the organizer which makes for easy access in the morning and doesn’t take up too much space. 

If you would like any tips on how to organize your makeup feel free to ask. 

Have a good weekend! 🙂

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